Raybench - OCaml (PLC pt.9)

The French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics (Inria), has developed forww over 20 years the programming language OCaml, whose main emphasis is on »

Raybench - Lisp (PLC pt.8)

Lisp is a programming language that dates back to 1958, initially conceived as a means to mathematical notation, was later adopted as the to-go language for »

Raybench - Python (PLC pt.7)

With 25 years in development, Python has been evolving from a hobby project to a full blown general purpose language used for scripting, data science, games »

Raybench - Haskell (PLC pt.6)

Haskell is a purely functional programming language with strong static typing. Being purely functional means that it doesn't support the widely used imperative programming paradigm and »

Raybench - C# (PLC pt.5)

As the poster child of the NET framework created by Microsoft, C# is a very widely know programming language. Characterised for being object oriented and having »